Balloon Flights of the Fantastic

Of course you’ve heard of the Attleson’s boy who bought all the balloons at the circus and took straight up in the air.  It was a steady breeze that day so he made it a good two miles before he thought to let go of a balloon or two.  He loosed a few more and finally landed in John Southwick’s sorghum field.

Of course everyone knows this tale.

But outside on that same circus midway was a big hot-air balloon.  Meant to take people up into the air.  It was on a tether, so the thing would float up in the air a few hundred feet to give the people a look around.  Then it would come right back down in the same place it took off.

Except one time it didn’t come back down.  It’s tether broke and off the balloon and it’s passengers sailed on.  Past the Southwick’s farm.  Past just about everything it turned out.

It went straight off the map if you believe it.