Newsletter of Fun – October 2013


Take The Bungalow Home


The web development team (read Don, the same guy who makes the toys, the same guy writing this; the guy who thinks it’s a bit awkward writing in third person so much) has been hard at work putting together’s webshop. Everyone here at the Bungalow is super-excited to see it up and running. You can find most of the great stuff we sell at shows; everything else will be up in the coming weeks.

Give it a look:


You’ve Asked, We Listened


Of late several people have taken an interest in our play trees. You want tall trees with lots of canopy space. And the chief product testers here at the Bungalow agree. That way there’s room at the tea party for Fairies, Princesses, Strawberry Shortcake, and even a truck or two. That’s what we’re working on. Look for new trees available in the webshop and at shows soon.


Magic Is In The Air


What’s that tingly electric in the air? Pixie dust or the anticipation of all that candy on Halloween? Well, whatever it is, accessorize yourself with a Happy Bungalow magic wand.


Factory Flea October 19 10a-4p


Head over to Northside and the American Can Factory Lofts on the 19th and see big overhead cranes, along with vintage finds and stylish artisan wears.