Easy Saw Blade Cleaning DIY

This post may start off a bit dull, but by the end, I think it will be looking mighty sharp.  That’s right – it’s a sawblade sharpening post!

Clean and sharp saw blades cut cleaner and are much safer than dull and dirty blades.  Keep your saw blades cutting better by cleaning them regularly.  The cleaning process is easy and cheap.  Skip the fancy “systems”  you see in catalogs – you only need five things to clean your saw blades:  Soap, Water, an old toothbrush, a plastic container big enough to hold your blade, and a towel.

I use a cat-litter box (never-used) for washing in.  The plastic is soft and won’t ding the tips of the saw blade like a metal pan might.  I add car-wash soap or dish soap (whatever’s handy) to an inch of water.  Place the saw blade in the water and let sit for five minutes.  Then brush off the pitch on the blade with a toothbrush.  Rinse with clean water and dry with a towel.  Repeat with your other dirty blades.  It’s as simple as that.