Happy Bungalow Makes Fun!

Happy Bungalow makes fun.  We’re not crafters, makers and, even though we work with wood all day, we don’t describe ourselves as wood-workers.  We’re artisans crafting clean, honest toys.  Wooden toys, literally for all ages.  But when you think of wooden toys, don’t think grandpa whittling on the back porch, rather – roaring dinosaurs, zooming fast cars, flittering fairies, and the most awesome robots you’ll find.

We use only natural wood (no stains) and only make toys we want our kids to play with (and yes, that we have fun playing with as well).  We’re an old-fashioned family business – our woodshop is part of our house and holds a number of tools, but no lasers.  Every piece is cut by hand, sanded silky smooth, and finished with love.  Well, linseed oil and beeswax actually – it turns out love doesn’t adhere to wood very well.