Heirloom Giraffe Party Favors

With these giraffes you won’t have to stretch yourself to find the perfect favor for your guests.  Okay, we’re fans of lame jokes, but we take toy-crafting seriously around here.  We make these giraffes (and all of our toys) to last.

  heirloom wood giraffe party favorEvery piece is cut individually and crafted with care.  We sand all the wood by hand until it’s smooth and protect the toy with a beeswax polish we make ourselves.heirloom wood giraffe party favorEvery animal favor is made to order just for your party, ready in about a week. We use natural hardwoods (no stains) like ash, cherry, hickory, maple, oak, poplar, red oak, sassafras, and walnut. We’ll make your animals from a mix of these woods or use a custom wood selection to your likingheirloom wood giraffe party favorSaunter over to our webstore and take home some of these long-necked beauties today.