Lions Strike Fear Into the Hearts of Millions

We’ve been collecting vintage images and illustrations for a while now.  There are a ton of cool old pictures out there.  Some are a bit disturbing, others speak to deep-rooted fears.  Like lions.

I was at the zoo with the Kids last year and for the first time heard an honest to goodness lion roar.  We weren’t even at the lion exhibit.  We were over looking that rhino or the ice cream cones or something.  But man was that lion load.

So yes, this vintage illustration from a French book will probably give me a nightmare tonight.

French Book Coverpainting- Lions Stalking Campsite

And what is wrong with this lady?  Didn’t she hear about Siegfried and Roy?  Well, I guess not, since this picture is from 1894.  (On a side-note, the lion I heard roar at the zoo was a white lion donated to the zoo by Siegfried and Roy.)

We found this image with some assorted circus images – you know – weird clowns, high-wire acts over pits of fire, and this – stuff that makes sword swallowing look tame.  It’s bad enough to not have a fence between you and the lion, but to have a fence trapping you?  Eek!

Lion Tamer in Cage with Lion - Vintage Illustration

But fear not!  Happy Bungalow makes a lovable, touchable, almost cuddly wooden lion toy.  Head over to our online toy shop and pick up your own lion.

wooden toy lion