Farm Toy of the Month Club

Looking for a great gift for out of town grand-kids?  Perhaps you’d just like to ensure that just once a month you get something other than bills and junk in the mail?

Welcome to Happy Bungalow’s Farm Animal Toy of the Month Club!

For TWELVE consecutive months you (or anyone you designate) will receive, a new natural wood animal toy(s).  Each month on your doorstep will arrive a box filled with a fun toy (and a few extra goodies).  In addition you can print accessories from our website. wooden farm toy of the month

The first month’s package includes a farmer (he’s not an animal, but he works hard) and cow along with personalized letter (you can write a personal note before you order) and a SILLY OR TRUE fact card.  The following month’s animals are: horse, foal, chicken, goat, pig & piglet, sheep, duck & ducklings, llama, goose, cat & dog, and mule.  Each ships with its own SILLY OR TRUE fact card

farm animal toy of the month club

All our animals are made from natural woods:  ash, cherry, hickory, maple, oak, poplar, red oak, and walnut.   The colors are natural, we use no stains or dies.  Being a natural product, the color and grain orientation of each toy will vary slightly.  All of our toys are hand-sanded smooth and finished with a beeswax and linseed oil polish we make ourselves (our kids love to help with this).  Everything is non-toxic and safe.

farm toy club

Purchase your own farm toy subscription today (click here)!