Make Your Own Maple Syrup

It’s winter and the maple tree in my front yard is frozen, but Spring will be coming soon.  In addition to all the warming weather and flowers, Spring means maple syrup making time.  In my front yard is a big maple tree waiting to be tapped.  I’ve done some research and it seems I need a tap, a lot of buckets, and a fire.

The process:  I drill a hole in the tree, insert a tap, and let the sap flow into buckets.  I then boil down the gallons of sap into pints of syrup.  The boiling needs to be done outside because of the excessive moisture created with the hours of boiling.  I’m thinking a wood fire all day long followed by an outdoor dinner.  Roasted potatoes and steak?  Hot dogs and baked beans?

Check back as I’ll be updating my maple syrup making as the year progresses.  [edit:  This never happened.  More research revealed there are hours and hours and hours of boiling involved; a process best done not in your smallish indoor kitchen.  So.  We’ll have to wait a few more years until we build our corn shucking / maple syrup making shed out back]