The Bungalow is Picking Up Steam

I received a call from an out of town publication today. They want to use an cutting image for a future magazine. Score! How did they find me? I did a little private eye work on google – searching for the image the magazine sent me and wants to use. The pic turns up on another site I’m not familiar with. “Oh, how nice that someone is spreading the Bungalow love.”

WRONG! I click on the link and my anti-virus software turns red, flashes, and blares out some duck-and-cover warning. I immediately dive under my desk. My computer says, “threat neutralized.” PHEW. Back at the screen I see that someone is using my cutting board image in some sort of phishy redirect scheme. Lesson learned – don’t click on anything before double checking the actual URL.

Well, at least we’ll be in another magazine.