Vintage Deer Illustrations

We’re gathering material for an upcoming  illustrated story book.  A sort of fun toy-themed magical adventure tale with robots, pirates, fairies, hot-air balloons, time-tunnels, tow-trucks, and a few deer.  We’re busy gather interesting (read: cool) public-domain (read: free) images for the project.  We have well more than we can use, but we can’t help ourselves, there’s just so much great stuff out there.  Our plan is to share what we find here. First up are three vintage deer illustrations:

Vintage animal illustration DEER

Vintage Deer Illusrtation

Vintage illustration magazine cover Girl Deer

Early Nineteenth Century Ladies Home Journal Cover Illustration

Vintage italian woodland animal illustration

Vintage Italian woodland animal illustration

Wooden Deer Toy

Happy Bungalow’s wooden toy deer

You can purchase your own wooden toy deer in Happy Bungalow’s Shop.