Winter Crafting Time

The snow is falling here at the bungalow and over the weekend we bundled up and stayed inside the house.  Time for winter crafts – snowmen and snowflakes!  First we need some supplies – paper, scissors, markers, crayons, tape, and whatever else is handy.  I pulled out a few colorful pages from a magazine.

Happy Bungalow winter crafts for the family

First up was snowflakes. I started off by trying to remember how to make paper snowflakes.  Which way do you fold?  How do you cut?  My first few attempts were a little rough and not too pretty, but that’s okay – paper snowflakes are quick to make.

Try making diagonal folds, random folds, square folds – the more folds the more involved the pattern.  Make all your cuts on the folded shape.  Or make a few cuts, unfold once, cut some more, unfold again, cut some more – get the idea?

Happy Bungalow winter crafts for the family - folding a snowflake

The folding and the cutting turned out to be a bit much for my 3-1/2 year old daughter, so she broke out the crayons.  The best part of any drawing is the story that comes with it.  A little ribbon turned the drawing into fan art.

Happy Bungalow Winter Craft - Snowman

Meanwhile, I kept folding and cutting.

Happy Bungalow winter crafts for the family - scraps

Once there was a pile of snowflakes we strung them up on a piece of ribbon and hung them above our windows in the dining room.  You can see the paper plate snowman my wife and daughter mad a few weeks ago at the library (you only need some paper plates, construction paper, and pipe cleaners).  Happy winter everyone!

Happy Bungalow winter crafts for the family paper - snowflakes on a ribbon