Wooden Elephant Party Favors

You’re throwing a party but don’t know what to give for party favors? Cash is easy, but seems impersonal to for 8 year-olds. Candy just ends up creating hyper-manics or screaming-tantrums. Those plastic toys from the party store are cheap, but they end up in a landfill before the week is out.

wooden elephant toy party favorWhat you need are handmade, natural wooden toys that these kids’s kids will be playing with. Give your party goers a favor they’re certain to remember: a natural, handmade wood elephant.wooden elephant toy party favorEvery animal favor is made to order just for your party, ready in about a week. We use natural hardwoods (no stains) like ash, cherry, hickory, maple, oak, poplar, red oak, sassafras, and walnut. We’ll make your animals from a mix of these woods or use a custom wood selection to your liking. We sand all the wood by hand until it’s smooth and protect the wood with a beeswax polish we make ourselves. wooden elephant toy party favorThese wooden elephants are available right now in our shop.  Click here to take yours home today.