Wooden Toy Rhinos

Sure, you’d love to have a real rhino for your kid’s 8th birthday party.  I mean come on: rhino rides for everyone all afternoon!  Pony rides are fun and all, but you want those kids to remember the day?  Call in the rhinos!

But good grief, the reams of permits and insurance forms you need for that.  And they’d probably do some damage to the lawn (rhinos are on the heavy side).  Not to mention the rhino’s notorious poor eyesight.  If one mistook you cherry tree for a ne’er–do–well lion – goodbye cherry tree.wooden toy rhinos

Perhaps we’d better stick with wooden toy rhinos to make your party unforgettable.  Every Happy Bungalow rhino favor is made to order just for your party, ready in about a week. We use natural hardwoods (no stains) like ash, cherry (though not charged down by a near-sited rhino), hickory, maple, oak, poplar, red oak, sassafras, and walnut. wooden toy rhino party favorsPick up your own wooden toy rhinos from our online toy shop today.