You Can Reuse that Calendar


Don’t throw that calendar away!  You’ll be able to use it some day.  I have.

An array of calendars

You’ll find me somewhere between thriftiness, sentimentality, and a search for purpose in any seemingly useless item.  I keep a lot of stuff, including cool calendars that I could cut out and frame.  And once you save one or two, you might as well save every one.

I never did frame any calendar pages, but it turns out you can reuse them.  Who knew?  There’s only 14 different types of years.  So, this 2012 leap year your old 1984 calendars can be hung back up on the wall.

Your collection doesn’t stretch back that far?  Don’t worry, neither does mine.  The trouble is the leap day, February 29th.  Rascals.  Work around the day by hanging up a 2006 calendar and use it for the first two months.  Then come March 1st, put up your 2007 calendars and use them through to New Year’s Eve.  Just don’t depend on these old calendars to tell you about daylight savings time, lunar cycles, or certain holidays that move around.

Next year you can break out your old 2002 calendars for all twelve months (you can only split calendars on leap years).  And save this year’s calendar for 2040.

Is there more information on the internet?  Of course there is.  Here’s a site dedictated to calendar reuse.