Interested in Free Wood Toys?


Let’s face it.  There are so many different toys. Which should you choose? Sure, if they were free, then you would choose all of them, but they aren’t free.


But what if I were to tell you could have your own FREE WOOD TOYS?


  • No strings attached!

  • No shipping or handling fees!

  • No surcharges!

  • Absolutely free!

Available outside your door:  boomerangs, magic wands, shovels, hammers, miniature house building materials, fairy umbrellas, swords, jungle gyms, hidden hideaways, pretend animals, telephones, pretend-food, play-furniture, and anything else the imagination permits!  (you may know them as: sticks, twigs, leaves, branches, and trees)


Sure, it may sound lame.  “Like, I know there’s sticks outside.  But my kids will get bored after five minutes.”

That’s fine.  Just move on to playing a different game.


Play Restaurant.  Try gathering acorns, pine cones, and other seeds to make “stew”.  Serve it up on bowls made from flat rocks, old bark, or big leaves.

Go on a Quest.  Brightly colored leaves make excellent “potion” that may turn you invisible, give you super strength, or help you fly.  All of these will come in handy on your quest to defeat the mean witch, the tyrannical emperor, or the grumpy ogre.

Channel your Inner Architect.  Gather up all sorts of material to make a fairy village or knights castle.  Just think of the wood around you as nature’s Lincoln Logs.

Test your Skill.  Designate a target.  Try throwing small twigs to hit the target.  Make it best out of five.  Or see who can hit the target from the farthest distance.


What’s your favorite free wood toy game?  Let us know by contacting us!