vintage rabbit sketches

Vintage Hare Illustrations

vintage rabbit sketches

wooden rabbit toy

Wooden Rabbit Toy

wooden rabbit toy


Hop hop little bunny.  We know, you’re a bit sad.  Missing something from your life because every bunny needs some bunny sometimes.

You’re missing the cute little wooden bunny toy in your life.  The reminder of sunny days in the sun.  Hopping through the woods, sniffing the flowers, munching on carrots.

Introducing the wooden bunny by Happy Bungalow.  Made from natural maple wood and finished with a beeswax polish we make ourselves.  Everything is safe for you and safe for the environment.  And fun.  You can’t help but bounce around with this little guy!

So hop right to it and tke home your own wooden rabbit toy today!

vintage illustration from childrens book

R is for Rabbit

vintage illustration from childrens book

not quite real vintage illustration of duck and flowers

Lame Duck Day

Today is Lame Duck Day.  While the day doesn’t celebrate the animal, there is a real lame duck (distant bird relative of the snipe).  We dug through Great-Grandpa’s library and came up with this sketchbook page highlighting the Lame Duck in the wild.  It’s like total proof.

not quite real vintage illustration of duck and flowers

wood groundhog toy

Don’t Look Down Groundhog!

wood groundhog toyTry this tongue twister:  How much ground could a groundhog hog, if a groundhog could hog ground?  Not as catchy and recognizable as: How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?  It still works though.  Call him a groundhog, a woodchuck, even a whistlepig or land-beaver – this toy is fun.  Pick up one today from our online toy store.


superhero squirrel

Super Squirrel, Legend of the Trees

superhero squirrel

In honor of Squirrel Appreciation Day we give you Super Squirrel, Legend of the Trees.

Think of the furry legends of the trees and marvel at their daring branch to branch leaps and skittering dashes to find buried treasure! Sure, it would be fun to invite the little fellas inside (perhaps for a cup of acorn tea), but it’s best to leave the wild animals in their natural habitat.  Though, with our wooden squirrel toys you can play right along without the little guys making a mess of your fruit bowl.


Woodland Animal Toy of the Month

Welcome to Happy Bungalow’s Woodland Animal Toy of the Month Club!


woodland animal toy club

For TWELVE consecutive months you (or anyone you designate) will receive, a new natural wood animal toy(s).  Each month on your doorstep will arrive a box filled with a fun toy (and a few extra goodies).  In addition you can print accessories from our website.

woodland wooden animal toys by mailThe first month’s package includes a beaver and fox along with personalized letter (you can write a personal note before you order) and a SILLY OR TRUE fact card.  The following month’s animals are: rabbit & bunny, bear, two squirrels, skunk, raccoon, doe, owl & crow, wolf, otter, opossum, and buck.  Each ships with its own SILLY OR TRUE fact cardwooden squirrelsAll our animals are made from natural woods:  ash, cherry, hickory, maple, oak, red oak, and walnut.   The colors are natural, we use no stains or dies.  Being a natural product, the color and grain orientation of each toy will vary slightly.  All of our toys are hand-sanded smooth and finished with a beeswax and linseed oil polish we make ourselves (our kids love to help with this).  Everything is non-toxic and safe.wooden beaver and foxPurchase your subscription today in our online toy shop! wood crow and owl

woodland animal toy porcupine

Wooden Procupine

Everyone knows what a porcupine looks like.  All needles and gnarly sharpness.  You know, like this:

porucpine in the wild


Except (as I’m guessing is the case in real life), such a creature rendered in wood doesn’t make for such a smooth experience.  So in the interest of not making a 10 MOST DANGEROUS TOYS list, we smoothed out the spikes.  Which takes away the wooden porcupine most distinctive feature, but leaves the little guy open to more imaginative play.


wooden porcupine toy

And imaginative play is all right by us.  Call him a porcupine, a sloth, or a snarled up house-cat – just don’t call him spikey!  Cut from hickory wood, sanded extra-smooth, and finished with our own beeswax polish, you can find Happy Bungalow’s wooden porcupine toy in our online toy shop.

wood toy beaver

Wooden Toy Animal – Beaver

wooden animal toys - beaversOne of our favorite woodland animal toys.  Perhaps it’s because the beaver spends so much time working with wood, or perhaps it’s those cute teeth.  Either way, you can take home your own beaver toy from our online toy shop.

Vintage Russian Polar Bear Stamp

We’re on the hunt for cool old images, some toy related, others just plain fun related.  This vintage Russian stamp of a polar bear is just plain fun.  Maybe we’re suckers for stamps though.  Such great little artwork on such small canvases.Polar Bear on Russian StampWhile we don’t have a polar bear in our shop, we do have a wood grizzly bear for sale in our shop.