vintage advertisement for magic wand and unicorn

A Magically Fun Time

vintage advertisement for magic wand and unicornThere is no mystery about how to have a MAGICALLY FUN TIME.

And you don’t even need a magic wand.  Just know you’re going to have fun, kick off your shoes, forget your troubles, laugh a lot, and HAVE FUN.  Really, no fooling.  We know, some things are easier said than done.  And maybe the whole, if you want to have fun – just have fun, bit is a little hippie-trippie, but trust us.  It works.  Have patience.  Take some relaxing breaths.  Look around and find the joy in life and do your best to block out the non-joy.

Remember: kick off your shoes, forget your troubles, laugh a lot, and HAVE FUN.


You just need to purchase accessories?  Okay.  Find some enchanting toys in Happy Bungalow’s online toy shop.

fanciful illustration with unicorn creating butterflies

Magic Unicorns Create Butterflies

fanciful illustration with unicorn creating butterflies

“Where do butterflies come from?”  The Kids ask.

The Kids are curious little explorers, they love to learn.  Scientists would be a stretch – scientists only in the loosest stretch of enlightenment concept of the profession.  So they’re a bit fuzzy on technical process, more interested in spectacular results.

The creation of a butterfly is quite spectacular.  “The butterfly is born a caterpillar – a fuzzy little worm, except it has legs.”  I think.  “Pretty sure is has legs.  Either way, it sort of turns into this chrysalis”

“Crystals?  Real crystals?”

“Well, they’re real, but not crystals.”

“Awww!  No fair.”

“Chrysalis.”  I continue.  “It’s like shell it makes around itself.  A sleeping bag sort of.”

“Can we go camping tonight?”

“Uhm.  No.  Listen.  So it’s in this little sack.  And the whole bug turns into this clear goo.”


“No, it’s really cool.  The caterpillar dissolves and then reorganizes itself into a butterfly.”

“What’s reorganize?”

“What?  It’s like uhm.  To re sort.  Make something new.”

“So where do butterflies come from?”

“Haven’t you been listening to me?”  But I just get this blank look.  “Butterflies are born of magic unicorns.  The unicorns know a magic spell.”

“Real unicorns!”

“You betcha.”  Plenty of time for the truth later, I suppose.


Who knows though?  Perhaps you have a fairy ring in your back yard.  Stir up a little magic, track down a unicorn, poof!  Maybe you’ll create some butterflies.  Hmm?  Well, we can’t help you with the magic end of things, but we do have a spiffy wood unicorn toy you might be interested in.  (Click here to purchase)

wood unicorn toy

A Magic Spell for Getting What You Want

Here at the Bungalow we have loads of kids still learning the finer points of negotiation.  For the most part they do well, except when they’re a little hungry or a bit tired.  When they’re hungry and tired?  Then the going can get rough.  They don’t call it the magic word for nothing. So myself (Don) and Liz work tirelessly on this particular spell.

For Getting What You Want

When begging has failed you.
When crying is no good.
Your tantrums were for naught?
Then try saying these words,
with a flick of your wand
and a slight bend of the knees:

“Oh please oh please oh please.
May I have this please?”

Magic Spell Written on top of Vintage Manuscript

A Magic Spell For Opening Locked Doors

A magic spell for opening locked doors:

For Opening Locked Doors in Your Way

Can’t get where you’re getting to be?

If you’re in need of a key, then try this old standard:

Open Says A Me.

A Magic Spell for Opening Locked Doors

Need a little help with your spell casting?  Take a look at our wooden magic star wands in our shop.

A Magic Spell to Clean Dirty Dishes

We’ve received lots of great feedback about our wooden magic star wands.  They’re fun for all ages, apparently.  So we’re working on a small book of magic spells.  First up:  A Solution for Clean Dishes.

Magic spell for cleaning dishes


Pick up your wand and give it a twirl, flip, and a flourish

Then with a stern voice repeat this wish:

“Towel and sponge. Scrub and wash. Soap and bleach.

Kenmore, Amana, and Gee Eee.

Dirty dishes now cease to Be!”

Newsletter of Fun – October 2013


Take The Bungalow Home


The web development team (read Don, the same guy who makes the toys, the same guy writing this; the guy who thinks it’s a bit awkward writing in third person so much) has been hard at work putting together’s webshop. Everyone here at the Bungalow is super-excited to see it up and running. You can find most of the great stuff we sell at shows; everything else will be up in the coming weeks.

Give it a look:


You’ve Asked, We Listened


Of late several people have taken an interest in our play trees. You want tall trees with lots of canopy space. And the chief product testers here at the Bungalow agree. That way there’s room at the tea party for Fairies, Princesses, Strawberry Shortcake, and even a truck or two. That’s what we’re working on. Look for new trees available in the webshop and at shows soon.


Magic Is In The Air


What’s that tingly electric in the air? Pixie dust or the anticipation of all that candy on Halloween? Well, whatever it is, accessorize yourself with a Happy Bungalow magic wand.


Factory Flea October 19 10a-4p


Head over to Northside and the American Can Factory Lofts on the 19th and see big overhead cranes, along with vintage finds and stylish artisan wears.

Fairies and Unicorns!

Fairies and Unicorns.  All the girls here at the Bungalow love the fairies’ newest friend:  The Unicorn.  I hope you’ll love them too.


Magic Wands!

Just wrapped up a wholesale order for 125 magic wands.  Sounds like picture time.  I think I’ll have to do a follow up post showcasing the more than 125 pictures I took ( I did not realize the continuous shutter scaled down the size of each picture ).