DIY Cutout Animal Paper Dolls

It’s a little chilly here at the Bungalow.  Brr . . . We’re treating it like a rainy day and staying warm inside:  lots of puzzles, board games, and paper crafts.  The latest we’ve come up with is a paper animal safari.  If it were a television show it would be called:  PAPER DOLLS:  ANIMAL CUTOUT EDITION.

But it’s not a tv show.  Just another free printable from Happy Bungalow.

3 giraffes, 3 tigers, 3 crocodiles, 2 lions, 2 tigers, 2 elephants, and 2 trees to lounge under. Everything fits on one 8.5″ x 11″ piece of paper.  Click to print your animal cutouts.

Animal Cut Out Paper DollsDIY Cutout Animal Paper Dolls

Craft Show Post Show


I’ve embraced the idea of being a toy-maker.  Initially I was hesitant for a two reasons.

One:  I thought I was excluding too much potential customers.  Ha!  It turns out there’s loads of adults out there who still want to have fun.  Also, developing a new product line is time consuming; perfecting the craft even more so.  It’s better to focus on what I know best and build upon it.

Two:  I wasn’t comfortable with being labeled a toy-maker, but I’m cool with it now.  It makes people happy.  What I do makes other people happy!  And I make a few bucks doing it.  It’s hard to beat that.  Though I still make business card holders, the occasional clock, and the coolest cabinet hardware you’ve seen.  And that gray area of toys:  miniature furniture.

So I’ve been growing the toy lines.  Adding more robots, many more animals, and unicorns.  I’ve also added completely new lines of cars/trucks, pirates/sea life, and aliens/monsters.  There’s plans on the horizon to create a line of boats and airplanes.  Just about something for everyone, and all within the toy umbrella.

So with all this new stuff I’ve been tweaking the show setup lately.  It’s no longer a matter of filling space, but trying to keep the space organized so people can find everything.


This is my setup from the past week.  I’ve added another shelf to hold animals and I could use more space with all the animal requests coming in (just when I thought I had them all).  A revamped circus is back on display along with the play trees.  Gone is the very tall tree stand, though I’d love to get it back into the mix somehow, perhaps on a back table.

The robots, cars, and monsters are getting along well with each other.  I have a magnetic board that’s super-handy for switching around displays.  I’m planning on adding another shelf there for the old railroad town buildings and expanded dollhouse furniture display.

Beyond product I also want to add more fun to the booth. For the website, I’m working on a story that links all the different toy worlds together that I want to bring to the physical. You can see a piece of it in the air. To the left of the sign post is a kids floating away holding onto a bunch of balloons.  He couldn’t afford a hot-air balloon ride at the circus, but he could buy helium balloons on the cheap (in the story this sends him to fairy land).  So I’ll be working with the Kids to build more props.  Stay tuned everyone.


The family was playing in the front yard the other day and while we turn up our share of cicada shells, never have we found a live cicada emerging from it’s old shell.  It was our lucky day.  While playing, we watched this little guy for more than an hour.

Happy-Bungalow-cicada-alt001-570 Happy-Bungalow-cicada-alt002-570 Happy-Bungalow-cicada-alt003-570 Happy-Bungalow-cicada-alt004-570 Happy-Bungalow-cicada-alt005-570 Happy-Bungalow-cicada-alt006-570

We also put together a little stick house; for bugs, fairies, or whatnot.

Happy-Bungalow-stick-house-outdoor-craft-alt001-570 Happy-Bungalow-stick-house-outdoor-craft-alt002-570

Winter Crafting Time

The snow is falling here at the bungalow and over the weekend we bundled up and stayed inside the house.  Time for winter crafts – snowmen and snowflakes!  First we need some supplies – paper, scissors, markers, crayons, tape, and whatever else is handy.  I pulled out a few colorful pages from a magazine.

Happy Bungalow winter crafts for the family

First up was snowflakes. I started off by trying to remember how to make paper snowflakes.  Which way do you fold?  How do you cut?  My first few attempts were a little rough and not too pretty, but that’s okay – paper snowflakes are quick to make.

Try making diagonal folds, random folds, square folds – the more folds the more involved the pattern.  Make all your cuts on the folded shape.  Or make a few cuts, unfold once, cut some more, unfold again, cut some more – get the idea?

Happy Bungalow winter crafts for the family - folding a snowflake

The folding and the cutting turned out to be a bit much for my 3-1/2 year old daughter, so she broke out the crayons.  The best part of any drawing is the story that comes with it.  A little ribbon turned the drawing into fan art.

Happy Bungalow Winter Craft - Snowman

Meanwhile, I kept folding and cutting.

Happy Bungalow winter crafts for the family - scraps

Once there was a pile of snowflakes we strung them up on a piece of ribbon and hung them above our windows in the dining room.  You can see the paper plate snowman my wife and daughter mad a few weeks ago at the library (you only need some paper plates, construction paper, and pipe cleaners).  Happy winter everyone!

Happy Bungalow winter crafts for the family paper - snowflakes on a ribbon