Wooden Safari Toy Camel handmade from Sassafras by Happy Bungalow

The Camel, Nomadic Dessert Wonderer

The Camel, Nomadic Dessert Wonderer

I’ve always been a bit unclear on those words that sound the same, but are spelled differently and have different meanings.  Are they homonyms?  Something like that, I forget.  But what I’m 100% certain about is the camel.  You know, the dessert wonderer.

The animal who dreams of sweet deliciousness.  Cake, pie, cookies, and perhaps even pudding.  We’re guessing camels are wondering about desserts while wandering across the desert.  It’s so dry and endless – I’d think about cookies too.
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wood toy of the month with fancy linework wrapping

Animal of the Month Club

wood toy of the month with fancy linework wrapping


Safari Toy of the Month Club

Welcome to Happy Bungalow’s Safari Animal Toy of the Month Club!

safari animal toy of the month club packaging

For TWELVE consecutive months you (or anyone you designate) will receive, a new natural wood animal toy(s).  Each month on your doorstep will arrive a box filled with a fun toy (and a few extra goodies).  In addition you can print accessories from our website.

safari animal toy of the month club packaging and extras

The first month’s package includes a lion and tiger along with personalized letter (you can write a personal note before you order), and a SILLY OR TRUE fact card.  The following month’s animals are: elephant, hippo, giraffe, camel, crocodile, gorilla, two meerkats, rhino, vulture, gazelle, and warthog.  Each ships with its own SILLY OR TRUE fact card

safari animal toy of the month club

All our animals are made from natural woods:  ash, cherry, hickory, maple, oak, poplar, red oak, and walnut.   The colors are natural, we use no stains or dies.  Being a natural product, the color and grain orientation of each toy will vary slightly.  All of our toys are hand-sanded smooth and finished with a beeswax and linseed oil polish we make ourselves (our kids love to help with this).  Everything is non-toxic and safe.

wooden animal toys

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Wood Vulture Toy

Okay, who doesn’t love to look at the pretty peacock?  And elephants, bears, and horses will always rank high on our favorite animals list.

Alas, the world is a diverse place with diverse needs.  The vulture may not be the loveliest or the most loved, but it is very important.  Though we will say that this wooden vulture toy is pretty darn cute and will turn a head perched in your playroom or lounging on your desk.

Pick up your own wood vulture toy from our online toy shop today!wooden vulture toy

wood toy giraffe

Giraffe Toy

The Giraffe

aka Mr. Long Neck

aka Stretch

aka How’s The Weather Up There

We just love giraffes here at the Bungalow.  At our local zoo you can feed the giraffes a little giraffe cracker.  Right out of the palm of your hand!  How cool is that?

Happy Bungalow’s giraffe is crafted from hickory, sanded smooth, and finished with a beeswax polish we make ourselves.  Pick up your own giraffe toy from our online toy shop.

giraffe toy

wood toy animal warthog

Wood Animal Toy Warthog

Introducing the warthog!  Now, to be honest, we haven’t had a lot of demand for a warthog toy, but now that we’ve made one, people just love them.  They are so darn cute!  Real-life warthogs,

[insert 80’s movie record screech]

Q:  Wait, where’s the warthog?  I only see is a rhino.
A:  Well, you know, rendered in wood, warthogs and rhinos look strikingly similar.  We create all our animal patterns from scratch, tweaking real-life animal profiles to conform to the realities of wood toys.  So you can call it a warthog or a baby rhino (as paired with our purpose-crafted rhino toy).  We call this little wooden animal fun.

Take home your own wood animal toy warthog from our online toy shop today!wood animal toy warthogLooking for a wooden toy rhino?  Pick it up here.

wood toy rhino toy for boys

Wooden Toy Rhino

Most animals are better admired from the far.  The rhinoceros, weighing “a million pounds” and armed with “giant sword horns” is certainly an animal better admired from afar.  Even without the exaggerated quotes from small children.

This rhino toy was one of Happy Bugnalow’s first animal toys and still one of our most popular.  We craft our rhino from red oak, carefully sand all corners smooth, and finish it off with a beeswax polish we make ourselves.  As with all our toys, it’s made to be passed along to another generation.

Take home your own wooden toy rhino from our online toy shop today!wooden toy rhino

Lions Strike Fear Into the Hearts of Millions

We’ve been collecting vintage images and illustrations for a while now.  There are a ton of cool old pictures out there.  Some are a bit disturbing, others speak to deep-rooted fears.  Like lions.

I was at the zoo with the Kids last year and for the first time heard an honest to goodness lion roar.  We weren’t even at the lion exhibit.  We were over looking that rhino or the ice cream cones or something.  But man was that lion load.

So yes, this vintage illustration from a French book will probably give me a nightmare tonight.

French Book Coverpainting- Lions Stalking Campsite

And what is wrong with this lady?  Didn’t she hear about Siegfried and Roy?  Well, I guess not, since this picture is from 1894.  (On a side-note, the lion I heard roar at the zoo was a white lion donated to the zoo by Siegfried and Roy.)

We found this image with some assorted circus images – you know – weird clowns, high-wire acts over pits of fire, and this – stuff that makes sword swallowing look tame.  It’s bad enough to not have a fence between you and the lion, but to have a fence trapping you?  Eek!

Lion Tamer in Cage with Lion - Vintage Illustration

But fear not!  Happy Bungalow makes a lovable, touchable, almost cuddly wooden lion toy.  Head over to our online toy shop and pick up your own lion.

wooden toy lion

Wooden Toy Rhinos

Sure, you’d love to have a real rhino for your kid’s 8th birthday party.  I mean come on: rhino rides for everyone all afternoon!  Pony rides are fun and all, but you want those kids to remember the day?  Call in the rhinos!

But good grief, the reams of permits and insurance forms you need for that.  And they’d probably do some damage to the lawn (rhinos are on the heavy side).  Not to mention the rhino’s notorious poor eyesight.  If one mistook you cherry tree for a ne’er–do–well lion – goodbye cherry tree.wooden toy rhinos

Perhaps we’d better stick with wooden toy rhinos to make your party unforgettable.  Every Happy Bungalow rhino favor is made to order just for your party, ready in about a week. We use natural hardwoods (no stains) like ash, cherry (though not charged down by a near-sited rhino), hickory, maple, oak, poplar, red oak, sassafras, and walnut. wooden toy rhino party favorsPick up your own wooden toy rhinos from our online toy shop today.

Wooden Elephant Party Favors

You’re throwing a party but don’t know what to give for party favors? Cash is easy, but seems impersonal to for 8 year-olds. Candy just ends up creating hyper-manics or screaming-tantrums. Those plastic toys from the party store are cheap, but they end up in a landfill before the week is out.

wooden elephant toy party favorWhat you need are handmade, natural wooden toys that these kids’s kids will be playing with. Give your party goers a favor they’re certain to remember: a natural, handmade wood elephant.wooden elephant toy party favorEvery animal favor is made to order just for your party, ready in about a week. We use natural hardwoods (no stains) like ash, cherry, hickory, maple, oak, poplar, red oak, sassafras, and walnut. We’ll make your animals from a mix of these woods or use a custom wood selection to your liking. We sand all the wood by hand until it’s smooth and protect the wood with a beeswax polish we make ourselves. wooden elephant toy party favorThese wooden elephants are available right now in our shop.  Click here to take yours home today.