Newsletter of Fun – October 2013


Take The Bungalow Home


The web development team (read Don, the same guy who makes the toys, the same guy writing this; the guy who thinks it’s a bit awkward writing in third person so much) has been hard at work putting together’s webshop. Everyone here at the Bungalow is super-excited to see it up and running. You can find most of the great stuff we sell at shows; everything else will be up in the coming weeks.

Give it a look:


You’ve Asked, We Listened


Of late several people have taken an interest in our play trees. You want tall trees with lots of canopy space. And the chief product testers here at the Bungalow agree. That way there’s room at the tea party for Fairies, Princesses, Strawberry Shortcake, and even a truck or two. That’s what we’re working on. Look for new trees available in the webshop and at shows soon.


Magic Is In The Air


What’s that tingly electric in the air? Pixie dust or the anticipation of all that candy on Halloween? Well, whatever it is, accessorize yourself with a Happy Bungalow magic wand.


Factory Flea October 19 10a-4p


Head over to Northside and the American Can Factory Lofts on the 19th and see big overhead cranes, along with vintage finds and stylish artisan wears.


The family was playing in the front yard the other day and while we turn up our share of cicada shells, never have we found a live cicada emerging from it’s old shell.  It was our lucky day.  While playing, we watched this little guy for more than an hour.

Happy-Bungalow-cicada-alt001-570 Happy-Bungalow-cicada-alt002-570 Happy-Bungalow-cicada-alt003-570 Happy-Bungalow-cicada-alt004-570 Happy-Bungalow-cicada-alt005-570 Happy-Bungalow-cicada-alt006-570

We also put together a little stick house; for bugs, fairies, or whatnot.

Happy-Bungalow-stick-house-outdoor-craft-alt001-570 Happy-Bungalow-stick-house-outdoor-craft-alt002-570

tired wood robot toy after long day of work

One Year Anniversary

Happy Bungalow is one year old!  We celebrated at our hometown show.  We’ve come a long way since last year (view here)

There’s a number of new products and new show furniture to display them on.

A new easier on the back sign

And ever popular dollhouse furniture.

I’ll be adding more products for the upcoming slate of fall shows and I’m going to tweak the booth o give things a bit more pop.

The anniversary show went off well – increased sales from a year ago, loads of business cards handed out, and bunches of conversations.  A tiring day, but fun.  Phew.

Happy Bungalow Forest of Trees

Fresh Blood, err . . . Wood

[January 2016 – I can’t say that I care much for the title of this post now.  But I suppose for a number of reasons, we’ll let it stay (with this note).]

The Bungalow’s shop is back up and running at full speed.  The last few months of 2011 were a blur.  Not only was the business just getting its feet under it, but it was also a big shopping season.  Phew.  It was hectic at times.  You might say I couldn’t see the forest for the trees ( ha!  see below).  After several planning sessions with my strategic consulting team (my wife), a list of new products was developed.  Here are some of the first off the finishing rack.

Happy Bungalow Forest of Trees

Magic wands!  Already a huge hit with my coming-on-four-year-old daughter.  Together we’re working on a book of spells to include with each wand.  Incidentally, I learned you can make a symmetrical 5-point star by folding a piece of paper and making one lone cut.

Happy Bungalow Magic Wands

Dinosaurs live!  Again, my daughter is super excited.  I only knew five dinosaurs as a kid, but she knows two dozen.  Kids are smart these days.

Happy Bungalow Dinosaurs