Hello World

Hello World!

Hi world, I’m Don. Nice of you to stop by.

We’re introducing ourselves (myself really) as though this is our first blog post, but

This is not our first blog post. We’ve been at it for four plus years now, with varying regularity. But we’ve never had a real solid plan for what we’re doing with the blog. Nor has there been contingency for how to regularly publish when we’re super busy in the shop. In the shop making toys, miniature furniture, and yeah, the best card holders east of the Ozarks.

However!  All of this lost-in-the-blogging-woods ends in 2016.

We have a publishing schedule, and more importantly a writing schedule. As this is written in December 2015, we have half of next year’s posts penciled in and outlined. We also have all of January [nearly]ready to publish.

This is a bit of those public-deceleration, crowd-accountability deals, but also a big of a warning . . .

A bit of a warning to those living in the future who are reading backwards through our blog looking for more articles like you see in 2016 and beyond. Those articles do exist on this site before 2016, but we were still finding our blogging way, so every post isn’t a gem of internet goodness.

Boy, who’s that for a sales pitch?!

Pre-2016, most articles were written on the fly. Typically they started with the idea of selling a toy and wherever the post or story went, it went. Now though, ideas are roughed out, stories outlined, drafts revised, etc. etc. We’ll have more on this in a future blog post specifically about the business.

Here’s some of our favorite pre-2016 posts though:

Circus Dinosaurs and the Thunder Lizard that Never Was

This post was the inspiration to create a series of upcoming stories

The Daring Adventures of Riley Justice episode 1

This was the story that inspired us to write a series of serials.


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