Winter Crafting Time

The snow is falling here at the bungalow and over the weekend we bundled up and stayed inside the house.  Time for winter crafts – snowmen and snowflakes!  First we need some supplies – paper, scissors, markers, crayons, tape, and whatever else is handy.  I pulled out a few colorful pages from a magazine.

Happy Bungalow winter crafts for the family

First up was snowflakes. I started off by trying to remember how to make paper snowflakes.  Which way do you fold?  How do you cut?  My first few attempts were a little rough and not too pretty, but that’s okay – paper snowflakes are quick to make.

Try making diagonal folds, random folds, square folds – the more folds the more involved the pattern.  Make all your cuts on the folded shape.  Or make a few cuts, unfold once, cut some more, unfold again, cut some more – get the idea?

Happy Bungalow winter crafts for the family - folding a snowflake

The folding and the cutting turned out to be a bit much for my 3-1/2 year old daughter, so she broke out the crayons.  The best part of any drawing is the story that comes with it.  A little ribbon turned the drawing into fan art.

Happy Bungalow Winter Craft - Snowman

Meanwhile, I kept folding and cutting.

Happy Bungalow winter crafts for the family - scraps

Once there was a pile of snowflakes we strung them up on a piece of ribbon and hung them above our windows in the dining room.  You can see the paper plate snowman my wife and daughter mad a few weeks ago at the library (you only need some paper plates, construction paper, and pipe cleaners).  Happy winter everyone!

Happy Bungalow winter crafts for the family paper - snowflakes on a ribbon

I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas


Don’t want a doll or dinky Tinker Toy? Not interested in crocodiles or rhinoceroses? No problem. Want a hippopotamus for Christmas? You got it. Happy Bungalow is excited to announce it’s I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas charity drive. Perfect stocking stuffers, holiday decor, or ornaments – each wood hippo is crafted and finished by Don Clark (owner of Happy Bungalow). Happy Bungalow will donate 40% of all its handmade hippo sales between now and December 31st to Heifer International and Cincinnati charity The Neediest Kids of All.

Happy Bungalow’s hippos come in six different woods: cherry, maple, hickory, red oak, poplar, and walnut. Hippopotamus ornaments are drilled and come with choice of cotton string, jute twine, or wool yarn hanger. All hippos come with a gift tag and ribbon.

Lots of love and work were involved in the crafting of each hippopotamus – the wood was planed smooth, the hippo profile was cut on a bandsaw, the edges sanded smooth, and then the corners were rounded to make these creatures as gentle as possible. The wood was finished by hand with linseed oil.

Founded in 2011, Happy Bungalow is the handcrafted creation of Don Clark. Don makes furniture and toys that are creatively detailed and filled with whimsy. Designed with care, each Happy Bungalow creation is meant to be enjoyed by many hands for years to come.