wood + wax + copper

I’ve had this piece of wood laying around the shop for years now.  A slice of red oak covered in red wax.  When a tree is cut down and ripped into rough lumber the ends of the boards are coated in wax (or something similar) to prevent the wood from drying quickly.  This piece of lumber was overly slathered in wax – it’s different – it looks cool.  I kept it to the side.

So what you see is naturally unnatural.  I applied the little walnut structures and inserted the copper wire.  During the production of this piece I slightly damaged an existing flaw in the wood.  Care will need to be exercised to avoid further degradation.

Happy-Bungalow-Abasement-wood-sculpture-storytelling-wood-copper-wax-alt006-570 Happy-Bungalow-Abasement-wood-sculpture-storytelling-wood-copper-wax-alt002-570 Happy-Bungalow-Abasement-wood-sculpture-storytelling-wood-copper-wax-alt008-570 Happy-Bungalow-Abasement-wood-sculpture-storytelling-wood-copper-wax-alt007-570 Happy-Bungalow-Abasement-wood-sculpture-storytelling-wood-copper-wax-alt003-570 Happy-Bungalow-Abasement-wood-sculpture-storytelling-wood-copper-wax-alt004-570