Tot’s First Bot

The robot toy is made up of only two pieces: the body and feet. Grooves cut into the wood set off the arms, waist, and neck.  The wood, ash, is tough (think baseball bat swinging for the seats) and will stand up well to loads of play. And everything is finished with a beeswax polish we make ourselves.


Perfect Wood Robot Toy for Little Kids

Fresh out of the shop:  Guard Bot “200”.  The latest robot in Happy Bungalow’s line is little kid friendly.  These bots are glued together (no magnets like other Bungalow bots), but the arms and head still spin.  Made of red oak and finished with a beeswax polish we make ourselves.Happy-Bungalow-toy-robot-kids-toy-wood-red-oak-GUARD-BOT-alt006-570



Toy Safety

The Bungalow was quoted in an article about toy safety along with a nice picture of our very own Rocket Rob.  Read more about toy safety on the Consumer Products Safety Commission’s website.Happy-Bungalow-413-RE-Rocket-Rob-her-Cincinnati-magazine-December-2012-wood-robot-alt001-570


The newest robot of the line – oh they’re so cute.


M.A.I.D. r3

Introducing the newest Happy Bungalow Robot.  For sale at Happy Bungalow’s Etsy shop.

The M.A.I.D. r3 (Mechanical Automated Independent Domestic revision 3) was the first successful humanoid domestic assistant produced by CleanBotics.

The revision 3 followed the overly ambitious revision 2 (nicknamed MADs).  The revision 2s were humanoid in shape, but had 4 arms – so they could work faster by performing simultaneous tasks.  In an attempt to break into the hospitality market speed was emphasized over safety, resulting in great damage to property.  Numerous lawsuits followed a brief two month service run.

The revision 3 was given softer lines, only two arms, and was introduced through a massive public relations campaign: choice product placement, celebrity endorsement, and appearances on popular television shows.  The 3s served the domestic market exclusively, were reliable, and a tremendous success.

This model is a scale reproduction of the original rendered in red oak.

Couldn’t we all use a robot to vacuum our floors while serving drinks?

tired wood robot toy after long day of work

One Year Anniversary

Happy Bungalow is one year old!  We celebrated at our hometown show.  We’ve come a long way since last year (view here)

There’s a number of new products and new show furniture to display them on.

A new easier on the back sign

And ever popular dollhouse furniture.

I’ll be adding more products for the upcoming slate of fall shows and I’m going to tweak the booth o give things a bit more pop.

The anniversary show went off well – increased sales from a year ago, loads of business cards handed out, and bunches of conversations.  A tiring day, but fun.  Phew.


The whole Happy Bungalow crew (and a few outside consultants) have been hard at work developing a new product line – Robots.  The robots are scale reproductions of “actual” robots.  Each robot is poseable, rearrangeable, and all kinds of fun.  Yes, I own a dictionary.  Each robot is issued as a limited edition series and comes with and information card explaining the history of the robot.  Future work on will expand on the backstory of each r0bot.

First off the line is the XR14-J

The XR14s (experimental robot model 14) were the first independent humanoid robots developed by the XyThanP Corp. Designed as a test bed for future production robots, parts and components could easily be exchanged and upgraded.

The variant J robot was designed to test long term exposure to harsh environments. Variant Js were deployed in pairs to the Centaurus A galaxy on mapping and exploration missions. While the robots primary goal was to test their systems and limits, the Js gathered databases full of scientific information.

This model is a scale reproduction of the original robot. The original materials have been rendered in oak, walnut, and steel. Magnetic parts replicate the interchangeable design of the original testbed robot.

Right now you can purchase the robot in person at one of our shows (click here) or at our etsy shop.

EDIT 2015:  Oh, how the times are changing.  Buy a robot from our ever growing line of robots in our online toy shop here.