The whole Happy Bungalow crew (and a few outside consultants) have been hard at work developing a new product line – Robots.  The robots are scale reproductions of “actual” robots.  Each robot is poseable, rearrangeable, and all kinds of fun.  Yes, I own a dictionary.  Each robot is issued as a limited edition series and comes with and information card explaining the history of the robot.  Future work on will expand on the backstory of each r0bot.

First off the line is the XR14-J

The XR14s (experimental robot model 14) were the first independent humanoid robots developed by the XyThanP Corp. Designed as a test bed for future production robots, parts and components could easily be exchanged and upgraded.

The variant J robot was designed to test long term exposure to harsh environments. Variant Js were deployed in pairs to the Centaurus A galaxy on mapping and exploration missions. While the robots primary goal was to test their systems and limits, the Js gathered databases full of scientific information.

This model is a scale reproduction of the original robot. The original materials have been rendered in oak, walnut, and steel. Magnetic parts replicate the interchangeable design of the original testbed robot.

Right now you can purchase the robot in person at one of our shows (click here) or at our etsy shop.

EDIT 2015:  Oh, how the times are changing.  Buy a robot from our ever growing line of robots in our online toy shop here.