M.A.I.D. r3

Introducing the newest Happy Bungalow Robot.  For sale at Happy Bungalow’s Etsy shop.

The M.A.I.D. r3 (Mechanical Automated Independent Domestic revision 3) was the first successful humanoid domestic assistant produced by CleanBotics.

The revision 3 followed the overly ambitious revision 2 (nicknamed MADs).  The revision 2s were humanoid in shape, but had 4 arms – so they could work faster by performing simultaneous tasks.  In an attempt to break into the hospitality market speed was emphasized over safety, resulting in great damage to property.  Numerous lawsuits followed a brief two month service run.

The revision 3 was given softer lines, only two arms, and was introduced through a massive public relations campaign: choice product placement, celebrity endorsement, and appearances on popular television shows.  The 3s served the domestic market exclusively, were reliable, and a tremendous success.

This model is a scale reproduction of the original rendered in red oak.

Couldn’t we all use a robot to vacuum our floors while serving drinks?