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I’m a Work at Home Dad

I’m a Work at Home Dad No, I Don’t Wear Pajamas All Day! I Work at Home!! I Don’t Stay at Home!!! !!&$@+!@=!#!   In 2016, once a month, Happy Bungalow will be pulling back the curtain on the wood shop to show what life is really like owning a small / family / crafty […]

The Bison: Nomadic Wanderer

The Bison.  Noble Ungulate wanderer traveling across continents. Originally from Europe, the Old Country, the bison arrived in the New Country millennia before it was known as America (1). In the great open land where, one day, meritocracy would throw off the shackles of European aristocracy. For in this new land it did not matter […]

Where Do People Come From?

Where do people come from? Our children are always interested in where they come from. We do our best to explain. We show them baby pictures and old scrapbooks. This leads to more questions. So we speak of parents, then of parent’s parents, and so on. Eventually our children ask the question that we’ve all […]

The Camel, Nomadic Dessert Wonderer

The Camel, Nomadic Dessert Wonderer I’ve always been a bit unclear on those words that sound the same, but are spelled differently and have different meanings.  Are they homonyms?  Something like that, I forget.  But what I’m 100% certain about is the camel.  You know, the dessert wonderer. The animal who dreams of sweet deliciousness.  Cake, […]

The T-Rex and the Chicken

A Tale of Distant Relations -and- A Consideration of Abbreviations     Once there lived the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex. King of all the dinosaurs. The beast who made up for the smallness of his arms with the doubled ferocity of his ripping bite. Or so we assume. Scientists are hard at work figuring out all […]

Hello World

Hello World! Hi world, I’m Don. Nice of you to stop by. We’re introducing ourselves (myself really) as though this is our first blog post, but This is not our first blog post. We’ve been at it for four plus years now, with varying regularity. But we’ve never had a real solid plan for what […]

Super Official Toy Warranty

Happy Bungalow’s Super Official Toy Warranty: For a period of 10 years Happy Bungalow will repair, replace, or refund materials (exclusive of shipping) that prove defective, upon inspection (or emailed photo) by us, during normal residential use. This Warranty does not cover: Scratches, dings, and dents that may occur through typical use.  Damages caused by […]

A Magically Fun Time

There is no mystery about how to have a MAGICALLY FUN TIME. And you don’t even need a magic wand.  Just know you’re going to have fun, kick off your shoes, forget your troubles, laugh a lot, and HAVE FUN.  Really, no fooling.  We know, some things are easier said than done.  And maybe the […]