Tot’s First Bot

The robot toy is made up of only two pieces: the body and feet. Grooves cut into the wood set off the arms, waist, and neck.  The wood, ash, is tough (think baseball bat swinging for the seats) and will stand up well to loads of play. And everything is finished with a beeswax polish we make ourselves.


Perfect Wood Robot Toy for Little Kids

Fresh out of the shop:  Guard Bot “200”.  The latest robot in Happy Bungalow’s line is little kid friendly.  These bots are glued together (no magnets like other Bungalow bots), but the arms and head still spin.  Made of red oak and finished with a beeswax polish we make ourselves.Happy-Bungalow-toy-robot-kids-toy-wood-red-oak-GUARD-BOT-alt006-570

Robot Love

Some love from the January 2013  issue of Cincinnati Magazine


Happy Valentine’s Day

Spreading the bot-tastic Love






Toy Safety

The Bungalow was quoted in an article about toy safety along with a nice picture of our very own Rocket Rob.  Read more about toy safety on the Consumer Products Safety Commission’s website.Happy-Bungalow-413-RE-Rocket-Rob-her-Cincinnati-magazine-December-2012-wood-robot-alt001-570

Hollywood Calling?

These little guys have mailed out SO many head shots.  I know one day they’ll make it big.


So I have some new robots in progress in the shop and a a few others fresh off the assembly line.  Namely the 413-RE – modeled on the production robot by Stobor robotS.

I’ve also expanded on the robots page on this site – giving each both their own page and expanding on their back-story.  Give it a look.

Factory Flea

This past weekend was good.  I had a short drive to a show.  The show was indoors (no lugging a heavy canopy thank you very much).  The show was in an old factory complete with a massive crane.  Live music!  Best of all I had great feedback and great sales.  I’m still learning which shows and venues are good for sales (or not), so some shows are for paying dues and others pay the bills.  Factory Flea (a City Flea event)  paid some bills.  We’ll be doing more City Flea shows next year.

I had a bit more space than I thought so I wound up with plenty of circulation space – I’m thinking of making a few small furniture pieces to bring along to future shows for sale.  I added a new robot (more on that later) – the robots in general are getting excellent feedback.



The newest robot of the line – oh they’re so cute.