Committee of Camels designs the perfect ostrich logo

Where Do People Come From?

Where do people come from?

Our children are always interested in where they come from. We do our best to explain. We show them baby pictures and old scrapbooks. This leads to more questions. So we speak of parents, then of parent’s parents, and so on. Eventually our children ask the question that we’ve all asked. The question that, aware of it or not, always lingers in our mind. It is perhaps the first question ever asked.

Committee of Camels designs the perfect ostrich logo

Where Do People Come From?

We have an answer, my wife and I. It’s not universally accepted, and try as we might, we have located no “hard” evidence of its truth or exact origin. But we believe in this answer. For the answer is a story that speaks in the quiet of the still darkness that is the Truth.
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Wooden Safari Toy Camel handmade from Sassafras by Happy Bungalow

The Camel, Nomadic Dessert Wonderer

The Camel, Nomadic Dessert Wonderer

I’ve always been a bit unclear on those words that sound the same, but are spelled differently and have different meanings.  Are they homonyms?  Something like that, I forget.  But what I’m 100% certain about is the camel.  You know, the dessert wonderer.

The animal who dreams of sweet deliciousness.  Cake, pie, cookies, and perhaps even pudding.  We’re guessing camels are wondering about desserts while wandering across the desert.  It’s so dry and endless – I’d think about cookies too.
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Inside the Small Maker DIY Mom and Pop Struggling Business by Happy Bungalow

Inside the Small Crafty Maker Business aka Inside the SFCHDMSMP Business

Inside the Small / Family / Crafty / Handmade / Diy / Maker / Struggling / Mom&Pop Business.

Inside the Small Maker DIY Mom and Pop Struggling Business by Happy Bungalow

It’s a new year! Hoorah!

We resolution that running your own business is downright hard and it’s time we talk about it.

In 2016, once a month, Happy Bungalow will be pulling back the curtain on the wood shop to show what life is really like owning a small business. Well, that’s not totally accurate. Small business doesn’t quite describe us.

How about instead we call it a small / family / crafty / handmade / diy / maker / struggling / mom&pop business (further referred to as SFCHDMSMP business). We plan on showing everyone our accomplishments, just as we’ve always done, but we want to give some consideration to the struggles, disappointments, and hard work that is required to be successful (whatever that means).
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The T-Rex and The Chicken relationship explained

The T-Rex and the Chicken

A Tale of Distant Relations


A Consideration of Abbreviations


The T-Rex and The Chicken relationship explained


Once there lived the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex. King of all the dinosaurs. The beast who made up for the smallness of his arms with the doubled ferocity of his ripping bite.

Or so we assume. Scientists are hard at work figuring out all the details; there’s a lot still to learn.

A century ago when there was even more to learn? That’s when the Tyrannosaurus Rex was named by those with a flair for the dramatic, the Tyrant Lizard.  His cohorts? The triceratops, stegosaurus, brontosaurus, and all the other sauruses? They were called the Thunder Lizards.
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Dinosaurs and Chickens, Long Lost Cousins

Dinosaurs, meet the chicken.

wood toy dinosaurs, t-rex, brontosaurus, stegosaurus, and triceratops

Chicken, meet your cousins, you’ve never met them before, the dinosaurs.

wood chicken farm animal toy

Hello World

Hello World!

Hi world, I’m Don. Nice of you to stop by.

We’re introducing ourselves (myself really) as though this is our first blog post, but

This is not our first blog post. We’ve been at it for four plus years now, with varying regularity. But we’ve never had a real solid plan for what we’re doing with the blog. Nor has there been contingency for how to regularly publish when we’re super busy in the shop. In the shop making toys, miniature furniture, and yeah, the best card holders east of the Ozarks.

However!  All of this lost-in-the-blogging-woods ends in 2016.

We have a publishing schedule, and more importantly a writing schedule. As this is written in December 2015, we have half of next year’s posts penciled in and outlined. We also have all of January [nearly]ready to publish.

This is a bit of those public-deceleration, crowd-accountability deals, but also a big of a warning . . .

A bit of a warning to those living in the future who are reading backwards through our blog looking for more articles like you see in 2016 and beyond. Those articles do exist on this site before 2016, but we were still finding our blogging way, so every post isn’t a gem of internet goodness.

Boy, who’s that for a sales pitch?!

Pre-2016, most articles were written on the fly. Typically they started with the idea of selling a toy and wherever the post or story went, it went. Now though, ideas are roughed out, stories outlined, drafts revised, etc. etc. We’ll have more on this in a future blog post specifically about the business.

Here’s some of our favorite pre-2016 posts though:

Circus Dinosaurs and the Thunder Lizard that Never Was

This post was the inspiration to create a series of upcoming stories

The Daring Adventures of Riley Justice episode 1

This was the story that inspired us to write a series of serials.


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Happy Bungalow's wooden toy warranty

Super Official Toy Warranty

Happy Bungalow's wooden toy warranty

Happy Bungalow’s Super Official Toy Warranty:

For a period of 10 years Happy Bungalow will repair, replace, or refund materials (exclusive of shipping) that prove defective, upon inspection (or emailed photo) by us, during normal residential use.
This Warranty does not cover:

Scratches, dings, and dents that may occur through typical use.  Damages caused by abuse such as, but not limited to, smashing, kicking, throwing, hammering, tantrumming, Evel Knievel stunt reenactments, attempted sub-orbital space flights, etc. etc. This is an indoor product – left outdoors for a period of years it will do what natural wood naturally does and turn into dirt. We will accept no returns on products that have been allowed to turn to dirt.

Of course, you may have other rights based on the state you live in.

*Yes, we’re being silly,
but if you have a
problem call or write:
(+1) 513-442-6924

vintage advertisement for magic wand and unicorn

A Magically Fun Time

vintage advertisement for magic wand and unicornThere is no mystery about how to have a MAGICALLY FUN TIME.

And you don’t even need a magic wand.  Just know you’re going to have fun, kick off your shoes, forget your troubles, laugh a lot, and HAVE FUN.  Really, no fooling.  We know, some things are easier said than done.  And maybe the whole, if you want to have fun – just have fun, bit is a little hippie-trippie, but trust us.  It works.  Have patience.  Take some relaxing breaths.  Look around and find the joy in life and do your best to block out the non-joy.

Remember: kick off your shoes, forget your troubles, laugh a lot, and HAVE FUN.


You just need to purchase accessories?  Okay.  Find some enchanting toys in Happy Bungalow’s online toy shop.

faux vintage for little wooden dinosaur

The Little Wooden Dinosaur

faux vintage for little wooden dinosaur

Quality Guaranteed!

Delivered direct to your home, or anywhere else you specify.  You pay no middleman’s markups as you buy direct from the craftsman. top quality.  Old-time craftsmanship.  Write for current prices & full product line. Fun guaranteed!

robots holding hands

Happy Valentines Day

Hold your loved ones hand, and for one day pretend you’re a tiny wooden robot.  Or, if there’s no hand to hold, don’t sweat it.  With all the advances in technology, it won’t be long until robots become the overlords of mankind.  And when that happens people won’t have any time to hold hands.robots holding hands