Good Grief

Good Grief

In 2016, once a month [or so], Happy Bungalow will be pulling back the curtain on the wood shop to show what life is really like owning a small / family / crafty / handmade / diy / maker / struggling / mom&pop business (further referred to as SFCHDMSMP business).

Inside the Small Maker DIY Mom and Pop Struggling Business by Happy Bungalow

I have been struggling to write this article for months.  My life and family’s life was turned upside down this year.  Ultimately it was a good thing, but oh man was it a HARD year.  So hard that everything suffered, including my business.  I won’t go into the details because apparently I can’t get it all straight and on paper.

However, I’m not sure if I’ll continue this whole behind the scenes business.  I really want to, but I’m struggling to make it interesting and honest.  Especially this previously mentioned article.  It’s a mental weight I’m going to put aside now.  I’ll focus on writing the fun and silly articles.

I want to say this though – for the small business, the one-man shop, and honestly any living person:  My life is not fun and silly and easy.  I say this not to play some misery game.  I know how often I’ve looked at other small businesses or individuals and assumed that they have everything figured out and their lives are happy and easy.  That’s a big reason I started this series – to shed some light on the difficulties.

I don’t want anyone to feel worse about themselves because of perceivedness (not a word, but one can dream).  So know, that even though I may not be writing about tired, stressed, or sweating – that I still am.  And yes, there are too many days when I nervously look at my bank statement and then hit REFRESH on my email inbox.  Know that there are DOWNs in this life.  You’re not alone, different, bad, weak, stupid, or any other negative thoguht that might be floating around in your head.

But there are UPs too!  And I’d like to spread a few more of those UPs here!  So I will return to Archibald Penguin, Riley Justice, and Professor Bungalow.


One day I will complete this article as envisioned (I think it’s importnat to share).  I have a ton of notes and two half-written drafts, but for the sake of sanity and moving on I must put it aside for now.  However, when I do finish it, I will link to it here.